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What is the Wireless Integrated Control System?

  • Required the integrated control system for broadened supply of the solar street light
  • Enabled for effective fault diagnosis and A/S measures
    • Predicted the system failure as a remote control at distant
    • Reducing costs due to A/S
  • Not a PLC communication but the grid-off bidirectional communication

The fault and prediction diagnosis wireless integrated control system for solar street light

Smart solar charge controller
  • The solar charge controller applying the zigbee
  • Enabled total control as a wireless bidirectional communication
  • Forecasting the remaining capacity of the battery and applying smart dimming control
  • The fault diagnosis algorithm for solar panel
Integrated Control System
  • Consisting of the gate-way and a server system possible multiple access
  • Window-based user interface for big data analysis

Fault and prediction diagnosis system

Fault and prediction diagnosis system

Smart solar charge controller

Smart solar charge controller

  • Its charging function and RF wireless communication
  • Charging method : PWM and MPPT control
  • Wireless communication : Real-time power generation, solar panels, batteries and LED lamps condition
  • Wake-up technology for low voltage battery(NET certification)
  • Device for measuring residual capacity of battery and apparatus for controlling battery power using the same
  • Apparatus and method for fault diagnosis of photovoltaic module
Integrated Control System

Integrated Control System

  • Window-based user interface
  • Data management, analysis and statistics
  • Monitoring of real time power generation
  • Individual and group remote control(controller Reset, LED lamp on/off)
  • Total management for maintenance and A/S receipt
  • Automatic control as fault diagnosis and prediction algorithm