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Solar Street Light for bus stop

Solar Street Light for bus stop

MIJIENERTECH’s solar guard light is made of an optimized design based on long experience and expertise. As the self-developed charging controller apply to our solar guard light, it works stably in sunlight even in winter or the summer rainy season and typhoons scarce.

Our solar charge controller maximizes charging efficiency with PWM charging method and they make solar guard light optimized and operated stably. for example, batter life extension by overcharge and over-discharge, SMART dimming lighting control to save power consumption, battery reverse polarity protection, charging voltage temperature compensated, lighting time and so on.

  • Solar guard lights which is available for installation at the bus stop
  • Wire construction is also installed on the hard bus stop
    (relieve the discomfort of the passengers)
  • Sunset, sunrise sensor automatically turns on the LED lamp,
    off to reduce power consumption
  • This work not required a separate foundation without street pole.
Model MJ - B10 MJ - B15
Good identification number 22567311 22567309
Solar power 80W 100W
Battery Lead-Acid 12V 65Ah Lead-Acid 12V 80Ah
Controller MSC MSC
Street pole Meterial Stainl ess Steel Stainl ess Steel
height 0.5m 0.5m
Shaped For bus stop
Lighting Hour Auto, Manual
number of sunless days 5