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MIJIENERTECH Co., Ltd. Established
  • 02.The first development and nuclear energy new technology competition Encouragement Award
    (sponsored by the Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 11.Patent registration (wind turbine, patent No.: 10-0870634)
  • 01.Registered as a venture company (No. 20,090,100,286)
  • 06.Small Business Administration joint technology development support project
    (urban vertical axis wind generator and control systems)
  • 10.Korea Land & Housing Corporation SME Development Support Project
    (Solar-friendly downtown with the wind Development of a hybrid power system)
  • 06.Small and Medium Business Administration research institute Installation Support Project
    (Universal Controller of small wind power and the Web Monitoring Development)
  • 06.Development of Knowledge Economy Renewable Energy Technology Program
    (The development of the biogas system to remove siloxanes using Porous adsorbent)
  • 09.Patent registration (optimal speed control of a wind turbine, patent No.: 10-0981754)
  • 11.Established R & D Center (No. 2010310668)
  • 11.Patent registration(Energy charging device of the hybrid power system, Patent Number: No. 10-0993224)
  • 12.ISO 9001, 14001 certification
  • 12.INNO-BIZ (Innovation SMEs) Certification
  • 05.Eco-label certification (solar street light)
  • 06.Small and Medium Business Administration joint technology development support project
    (using a stand-alone vertical axis wind and solar power Develop charging systems)
  • 06.Citation Award (Daegu Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 07.Small Business Administration Technology Development Greening the manufacturing site
    (VOC treatment system development using Honeycomb Adsorbent treatment using Honeycomb Adsorbent)
  • 10.Public Procurement excellent product registration
    (eco-friendly solar guard lights, specifying number: No. 2011104)
  • 01.Patent registration (volatile organic compounds (VOC) treatment system by using the honeycomb element ozonation system and This VOC treatment method, patent number : No. 10-1235015)
  • 8.Small and Midium business support open technology gear selection exempt health care
    (development of sewage treatment plant digester gas fuel Purification system development for use)
  • 10.Moved (Daegu Songhyun support SME growth)
  • 06.Design registration (for bike paths street lights, patent number : No.30-0696654)
  • 06.Best SME Award (Daegu Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • 12.The Republic of Korea venture business start-up entrepreneurship fair Citation Award
    (Industry Minister normal)
  • 12.Citation Award (Kyungpook National University, Technopark Director)
  • 03.Additional solar street outside the bus 19 kinds of excellent platform for product specifications
  • 04.Patent registration(storage cabinet ventilation system using ozone and catalyst, Patent number : No.10-1387220)
  • 04.High-efficiency energy equipment certification (LED security lighting)
  • 04.Design registration (street lamp ornaments, patent number No.30-0741691)
  • 05.Kyungpook National University Technology Park Star Enterprises Selection
  • 10.Patent Registration (fault diagnosis apparatus and method of the solar cell module, patent number : No.10-1456122)
  • 11.High-efficiency energy equipment certification (LED streetlights Organization)
  • 11.The solar charge controller, CE certification, RoHS certification
  • 11.Patent registration (battery life extension method for the solar power system and to accomplish this device, patent number : No.10-1467741)
  • 03.Patent registration (streamer control lens LED light source, patent number : No.10-1501878)
  • 04.Patent Registration (solar charging control device and the control method, Patent number : No.10-1516193)
  • 08.NET Technology Certification (when solar battery low voltage, the system is restored controller of photovoltaic devices, the 0930 call)
  • 10.Design strengthen business innovation capability
    (Development of 60m2 grade germicidal air purifier design by using ozone killer nano-catalyst)
  • 10.Patent registration (remaining battery capacity measuring device and battery control unit by using it, patent number : No.10-1559293)
  • 03.Gakken joint research institute associated follow-up research and development support project
    (RF-based Solar Street Light Fault diagnosis and prediction wireless integrated control system development)
  • 06.New Excellent Product designation (High Efficiency Solar Street Lights, specify No. 2016088)
  • 07.Daegu Pre-star selection now